Example Resources

'Compassion in the Classroom' Staff and Pupil Free Resource:

Please find here a wellbeing resource, with audio practices, we have provided to all schools in the Derby County area. It covers some of the wellbeing techniques and practices we use, but those that teachers and pupils have found easiest to engage with:

Derby Emotionally Health Schools Leaflet

Soothing rhythm breathing audios that you can use in accompaniment to this leaflet

Soothing Rhythm Breathing – Female Voice

Soothing Rhythm Breathing – Male Voice

If you would like to discuss the Compassion in the Classroom initiative and resources please contact Professor Maratos (

'Compassion in the Classroom' HE Free Resource:

As part of the HE initiative, Dr Caroline Harvey and Dr Frances Maratos have created a series of video resources to support the teaching and learning of the Micro Skills of Compassionate Communication in Higher Education. These videos cover a range of unhelpful group behaviours and also provide guidance on how to address these types of behaviours. They include: Open and closed body postures; Lack of engagement; Dominant group members; Monoplisers; Addressing a monopliser; Alpha pairs ; Addressing an alpha pair; Coping when under pressure to speak.

Click here to view an example video: A Monopoliser (

If you would like access to the full range of HE video resources please email Dr Harvey ( and/or Professor Maratos ( to request a copy.

Recent Publications

Please find here recent publications concerning our compassionate curriculum in schools and Higher Education:

Maratos, F.A.*, Montague, J., Ashra, H. et al. (2019) Evaluation of a Compassionate Mind Training Intervention with School Teachers and Support Staff. Mindfulness 10, 2245–2258. Go to:

Maratos, F.A.*, Gilbert, T & Gilbert. P (2019). Improving well-being in Higher Education: Adopting a compassionate approach. In S. Gibbs, Editor (Eds) in Values of the University in a Time of Uncertainty. Springer. Go to: Improving Well Being in Higher Education Adopting a Compassionate Approach

Harvey, C., Maratos, F.A, Montague, J, Gale, M., Clarke, K & Gilbert, T. (2020) Embedding Compassionate Micro Skills of Communication in Higher Education: implementation with psychology undergraduates. Psychology of Education Review, 44 (2), 68-72 Embedding Compassionate Micro Skills of Communication in Higher Education: implementation with psychology undergraduates

Maratos, F.A.*, Matos, M., Alberquerque, I., Wood, W. & Gilbert, P. (2020) Exploring the international utility of progressing Compassionate Mind Training in School Settings: A comparison of Implementation Effectiveness of the same curricula in the UK and Portugal. Psychology of Education, 44 (2) 73-82 Compassion in Schools: Evaluating a CMT intervention with teachers and support staff

An interview with Dr Maratos in the BPS Psychologist: Rhodes, E. (2019) Schooling with compassion. The Psychologist, 32, pp15 Go to:

Upcoming events and training courses

Please find here a list of events and dates of upcoming training courses for our compassion in schools curriculums:

International Perspectives in Education conference

In October 2020, Dr Maratos will keynote this conference, presenting an overview of the school curriculums and research:

Westminster Briefings

In December 2020, Dr Maratos has been invited to speak at a Westminster Briefings Retention and Recruitment Strategy Event:

Training in the Compassion in Schools Staff CPD Curriculum

From January 2021 training in the delivery of the staff curriculum will be available to those working in education with the relevant prerequisite qualifications. To register your interest and find out more, please email